Runway Regime's fashion hire service is designed to offer our customers many benefits relating to cost, convenience and choice.

We are a clothing hire store currently focusing on addressing an immediate need in the fashion hire market for Australian dress sizes 14-24.

Our showroom is located in Perth and we offer Australia wide delivery.

Our collections are runway inspired showcasing a range of designers and styles. With options to meet all your outfit needs for the next event! As we only launched in April 2019 our range is currently in its infancy, so please watch this space as our offer continues to grow!

In that moment when we find the perfect outfit we can be filled with excitement and in some cases relief. Our hope is to help create these moments for you because we understand that sometimes the right outfit can make all the difference in giving us the confidence to show up looking good and feeling great!

Be sure to fit in a quick visit to our Perth showroom or online store somewhere between RSVP-ing and ordering your Uber!





  • Hiring is guilt free shopping with significant cost savings.
  • Increase your wardrobe size exponentially.
  • Wear the latest fashion items and designer labels.
  • Enjoy extended access to items which are no longer available for purchase.
  • Stop doing laundry! Let us stake care of this for you.
  • Reduce clutter in your wardrobe by accessing all of your transient pieces online, think free iCloud storage for your closet.
  • Save time trekking through physical stores, order from the comfort of your own home and have your outfit delivered directly to you.
  • Eliminate the hoarder anxiety associated with deciding whether to 'keep, throw or sell' that dress, with the tag still attached, from 4 years ago (you know the one!).
  • Keep an agile wardrobe, our bodies are constantly changing shape and size, why store a wardrobe for every version of you, your options will only become out dated! Instead take advantage of real time access to a wardrobe which caters for which ever glamorous version of you is going out this weekend. 
  • Save time waiting for custom products to be made in your size (save up to 16 weeks with some designers!).
  • Book your order to arrive for this weekend.
  • Green is the new black, help out the environment by reducing your impact on textile waste by hiring instead of purchasing the 'one time wear' outfits. Garments need to live a full, happy and meaningful life! Approximately 50% of fast fashion is disposed of within a single year and we in Australia are the second largest consumer of fabric per person.

 Hire process

Why sizes 14-22?

While we would love to cater for everyone who has looking fabulous on their wish list, we have noticed an URGENT need to provide beautiful garments to our customers who wear sizes 14-22.

At Runway Regime, we are all about the new world order, where every size and shape are celebrated. As it should be. We are excited about how far we have come but believe we still have a way to go...

Our offer is designed to further encourage and support the importance of embracing a positive body image. We do this through offering a service which allows our customers to be creative and experimental with their fashion. Our community is all about creating an environment which embraces individuality, fun and feeling fabulous. 

Our beautiful models are consciously selected to be able to provide our customers with true to size previews of our showcased products. 

Recent experiences and feedback suggest there is a very limited selection currently available for this size range. The reality is some sizes are just more readily available and have a much more extensive range, which is amazing and this is exactly how it should be, for every size!

So if you wear size 14-24 and need an outfit for an upcoming event we want to be your first choice destination.




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